Howdy, we're Hinterland

Team Hinterland beim Kanufahren

The great outdoors finally made bookable

In the summer of 2020, we created hinterland.camp, fulfilling a need that had long been unmet: a base camp for unforgettable outdoor adventures. Our platform serves as an inspirational hub for your next road trip, allowing you to book the perfect accommodation in the heart of nature.

Today, we proudly stand as Germany's leading platform for nature-based camps and cabins. Our handpicked locations offer seclusion, lush green surroundings, and a peaceful escape from the crowds. With over 2,000 tent and camping sites, along with unique accommodations like tree houses and tiny houses, you can embark on extraordinary journeys hosted by welcoming hosts. Booking your dream camp or cabin is just a few clicks away, accessible through our website and Hinterland app.

Hinterland continues to expand each day, and we're thrilled to foster a community of outdoor enthusiasts who share our passion for the great outdoors. We're delighted to have you join us on this journey.

The Hinterland Team

  • Lächelnder Marcus vor einem Wald

    Marcus Oltmanns


    Marcus, the visionary behind Hinterland, leads the way in shaping its success. With his agency OAKS, he launched Hinterland in 2020 together with Chris in just three months in a mission to rescue the first corona summer and to enable a new, sustainable way of traveling. Marcus is a strategist and entrepreneur with 25 years of professional experience in marketing, digital business and venture capital.

  • Christian steht auf einem hohen Beg mit Ausblick über Berge und Meer

    Christian Neubert


    Chris is a passionate longtrail hiker and PhD computer scientist with 20 years of experience in developing and implementing complex web platforms and applications. Just as his backpack is ultralight on his hiking expeditions, his backend programming skills make him a heavyweight champion. It is thanks to Chris that we have a supremely stable and scalable platform.

  • Oliver lehnt sich aus der Fahrertür eines grünen Bullis

    Oliver Raatz


    As a surfer and outdoor photographer, Oli is always on the hunt for wind and the best spots in the Hinterland with his van. Oli has 15+ years of experience in developing digital products, brand experiences and campaigns. At Hinterland, he is responsible for the marketing and platform strategy with a focus on user experience - and the beautiful drone images.

  • Lesley lächelt nett vor einem Wald

    Lesley-Ann Jahn


    Lesley discovered her love of roadtrips in the Hinterland of Australia. After her studies in Digital Communications, she worked for a city and a blog magazine in the urban jungle of Hamburg. Since our launch Lesley has been leading our communications from social media to PR to newsletters – and is looking forward to your press and collaboration inquiries!

  • Marcel lächelt vor einem Wald im Herbst

    Marcel Pfeifer


    Coding has always been his thing: As early as the 8th grade, Marcel digitized the substitution schedule for his school. After his web development studies and numerous projects on the agency side, he now ensures that our website and app not only look good, but also function smoothly and continue to evolve.

  • Steffen lacht in die Kamera vor leuchtend grünen Bäumen

    Steffen Wagenknecht


    Do you have any questions about our website/app, your booking or your listing? Then Steffen will be happy to help you. He answers all questions at hallo@hinterland.camp and is also available by phone if needed. Steffen lives at the beautiful Müritz and has already worked in customer service for many years and spends every free minute on the road with his camper.

  • Imke fährt Kayak vor einem Berg aus Eis

    Imke Jurok


    Imke creates our brand & corporate design with attention to detail: Howdy! With a degree in communication design, Imke has 10+ years of experience as an art director. Since our launch, Imke has been putting a face to Hinterland: from logo to web and print design to "handcrafted" illustrations. Imke lives in Hamburg and in the hinterland of Italy (Monopoli).

  • Foto von Hinterland Mitarbeiterin Amelie Corves

    Amelie Corves


    In 2022 Amelie was on the road for 6 months through the south of Europe with her self-built van and discovered her passion for vanlife. As our event manager, she represents us at various occasions like the "Multivan Windsurf Cups" and shows you how beautiful life in a camper is. When she is not "on the road", she supports us in different areas like website maintenance or online marketing.

  • Boris lächelt während er Kanu fährt

    Boris Terentiev


    Boris is a studied mathematician, backend developer and specialist in neural networks and artificial intelligence. Sounds fancy? It is :) Together with Chris, Boris is continuously developing our platform to make the user experience even better and to inspire you with personalized suggestions for your next trip in the future.

  • Förster der Hund in Nahaufnahme, leicht im Profil



    Whether in the office, the Hinterland or the urban jungle - Försti feels at home everywhere and can hardly be stopped by his thirst for action. With treats and the right crawling technique, you can win his heart in no time.