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  • What is hinterland.camp?

    We founded hinterland.camp in 2020 with the mission of enabling a new, sustainable way of traveling. Today, we are Germany's leading platform for nature-oriented camps and cabins and offer outdoor enthusiasts more than 2,500 tent and pitches, tiny houses, tree houses and more on private land in the middle of nature. We would be delighted if you would support us in our mission and offer your pitch or accommodation on our platform!

  • Is there an app?

    Yes, there is a Hinterland app that allows you to view and manage your bookings even more easily, even when you're on the move. Click here to download it.

  • Are there any costs for me?

    As a host with us, you pay no fees and can earn up to 10,000 euros per season. You'll also benefit from new customers for your farm store or café and can offer other activities on site, such as alpaca hikes.

  • Where can I find the terms and conditions?

    You can find the terms and conditions here or via the navigation in the footer, i.e. at the bottom of the website.

  • Can the price be changed at any time?

    You can change the price yourself at any time.
    After you have logged in, you can select "My listings" in the page navigation and click on "Edit" for the respective listing. Now you can adjust the price as you wish and click on "Save" to confirm and the new price will be saved.


  • How do I create an advertisement?

    Registration is super quick - you can create an advertisement in around 15 minutes. You will be guided step by step through the process, during which you can think about and specify what you would like to offer, how much you would like for the pitch, the tiny house or the cabin per night, which photos you would like to use for the advertisement, ... After creating the advertisement, we will check once again whether all the details have been entered correctly and will then contact you as soon as the advertisement can be activated. Click here to register directly.

  • Am I even allowed to do that?

    As a private individual, you may offer up to three tent or camping pitches on your property - with the exception of landscape and nature conservation areas. We generally ask our hosts to contact the relevant authorities in advance to find out about any regional particularities. In some cases, the regulations vary from state to state.

  • Can I create several listings?

    If you need more listings, for example for a tiny house next to your campsite, you are welcome to create a new listing in your dashboard under "My listings".

  • Can I offer several spots?

    You can easily change the number of spots of your listing. To do this, go to "Listings", select "Edit" for the respective listing and change the specified number of spots under "Details".

  • Will my contact details (address, e-mail, telephone number) be disclosed from the outset?

    The address of your accommodation and your contact details will only be released to guests after a binding booking has been made in order to plan their arrival.

  • Can I pause my advertisement myself?

    Yes, you can deactivate your listing at any time. To do this, go to the settings of the listing, scroll down to the bottom and flip the switch next to "Listing active". Please note that this will not cancel existing bookings. However, no further bookings can be made as long as the listing is deactivated. If you only want to block certain days, weeks or months for bookings, please use the calendar. You can find out how to do this here.

  • How can I delete my advertisement?

    Please contact our Customer Support at hallo@hinterland.camp if you would like to delete your ad.

  • How can I send my guests information on arrival etc. after booking?

    You can create an automated message that is sent to all guests after booking in the chat under "My listings". Share details about directions and arrival with your guests. You can find out how this works here.
    You can also send individual messages to guests in our practical chat by clicking on "Contact".

  • How do I create an auto-message?

    You can create an automated message that will be sent to your guests after booking to share details on how to get there.
    To do this, select "Edit" for the respective listing and activate the automated message. Write your text in the field and don't forget to save your changes afterwards ;)


  • Can I block dates when I don't want to receive guests?

    You can easily block days, weeks or months in your calendar when you don't want to receive guests. For camps, you can also specify whether you want to block all or only a certain number of spots.
    And this is how it works: After logging in, go to "My listings" via the page navigation and select the calendar of the respective listing. There you can then select individual days to block by clicking on them or several days by dragging them. If you want to select an entire month, simply click on the name of the month. You can block a selected number of spots using the "Block dates" button.

  • How can I synchronize my Hinterland calendar with other, external calendars?

    To do this, go to "My listings" in your dashboard and select the relevant calendar. Under the calendar overview you will find the item "External calendars". Below this, you can decide whether you want to import an external calendar or export the Hinterland calendar to another calendar. This can be applied to all calendars in i-Cal format.

    Export calendar:
    If you export your Hinterland calendar, bookings are transferred to the external calendar as "Bookings" and blocked appointments as "Not available".

    Import calendar:
    If you import an external calendar into the Hinterland calendar, all entries that exist in the external calendar are transferred as blocked appointments.


  • Who sets the price?

    Our motto is: "In the hinterland, your rules apply!" You decide how much your campsite, tiny house or cabin should cost per night. If you're unsure, just take a look at a few other listings with similar locations and facilities and let yourself be inspired.

  • Does the price refer to the number of people or spots?

    The price you quoted refers to a spot per night - and not per person.

  • What does the final price consist of?

    Our service fee is added to the price you set. This is 15% of the rental price for all nights booked, but at least 3.00 euros (incl. VAT). The service fee is paid by the guest. Please note that for camps you include the additional services and a possible cleaning fee in your price per night. For cabins, you can add a cleaning fee per stay.

  • Can I set individual seasonal prices?

    There are currently no seasonal times or individual prices per season.


  • What payment methods are available for guests?

    Payment is very easy for guests via our website or app - you can pay by Apple Pay, Google Pay, direct debit or credit card.

  • Can guests pay in cash?

    Cash payment is not permitted, as we as a platform live from a service fee that we do not receive when paying at the camp or cabin.

  • When will my money for bookings be paid out?

    Payouts are always credited to your account after the guests' departure - at the earliest 48 hours after the guests' arrival and at the latest 12 working days after their departure. Exactly how long the payout takes depends on the booking date and the payment method.

  • Why do I have to register with the payment service provider STRIPE for withdrawals?

    As we do not have a banking license and are not allowed to hold the money in trust until it is paid out, we work together with a payment service provider. You must therefore register once with STRIPE (free of charge) before the first guests arrive and enter your account for the payout. You will then receive your payouts automatically.

  • Where can I find a list of my earnings or a payment receipt?

    At the end of each month, we provide our hosts with a summary of all bookings in the form of a payout slip for billing purposes. You can find the receipts in your dashboard under "Payouts".

  • Who do I contact if guests have problems with payment?

    If guests have any problems with the booking system, simply refer them to us: hallo@hinterland.camp and we will be happy to help.

  • How can I change my payout account?

    You can update your account details stored with Stripe via your Hinterland user account. Click on the bear logo at the top right and select "My details", scroll down a little to "Your payout account" and select "Show". You will be redirected to Stripe and have to verify yourself, for example by SMS payment code. Please follow the respective request for verification from Stripe. Select the person icon at the top right of Stripe. Scroll down to "Payout details" (just below "Language setting") and select "Settings from". Here you can update your bank details under "Payout details" using the pencil on the right.


  • How do instant bookings differ from bookings on request?

    With "Booking on request" you receive a request from the guests with a specific date and you have to confirm or cancel this manually.

    With "Instant bookings", you specify how many hours before arrival the guests can make a binding booking. With this option, it is important that the calendar is maintained. In exceptional cases, you still have the option of canceling the booking within 24 hours before the guests' arrival.

  • How much time do I have to answer inquiries?

    As guests are very much looking forward to their adventure in the hinterland, it is important that they receive feedback within 24 hours.

  • Can groups also book a campsite?

    If you receive a request for a group booking, you can decide for yourself whether you want to accept or decline it and to what extent the price should be adjusted for the specific request. If you and the guest have agreed on a price for the group, please contact our Customer Support at hallo@hinterland.camp and we will adjust your listing for the group booking together.

  • Can I rebook existing bookings to another date or shorten them by nights?

    In special cases, if a guest would like to change or shorten a booking, please contact our Customer Support at hallo@hinterland.camp.


  • How do I communicate with guests?

    Before a binding booking is made, communication takes place exclusively on our platform via chat. As soon as a guest has made a binding booking, the contact details (email address, telephone number, address) are automatically released and you can communicate outside of our platform.

  • Why are my phone number and e-mail address hidden in the chat?

    We hide the details so that the booking and payment are processed securely via our portal. As soon as a booking has been made, this function is automatically deactivated.

  • How can I send my guests information on arrival etc. after booking?

    You can save an automated message that is sent to all guests after booking in the chat under "My listings". Share details about directions and arrival with your guests here. You can find out how this works here.
    You can also send individual messages to guests in our practical chat by clicking on "Contact".

  • How can I leave reviews for guests?

    After your camp or cabin has been visited by guests, you have the opportunity to rate the experience using a 5-star scale and a short text. As a reminder, you will receive a short email after the guests have left, otherwise you will find this function under "Reviews" in the navigation bar. It is only available to you if the guests have made a completed trip to you in the hinterland. With reviews you help other hosts and guests immensely, so feel free to leave reviews to improve the Hinterland experience for everyone! :)


  • Can I cancel a booking?

    As a host, you can only cancel an instant booking within 24 hours after the booking was made. Other cancellations of binding bookings can only be requested by contacting our customer support team directly at hallo@hinterland.camp. We will then try to find a solution for everyone.

  • What is the cancellation policy for guests?

    If a guest cancels a reservation at least 30 days before the arrival date, the rental price will be refunded, but not the service fee. If a guest cancels a reservation within 30 days of the arrival date, no refund will be made.

  • How short notice is it possible to cancel a booking?

    The system allows us to cancel a booking up to the day of arrival, in some cases even a little later. Please get in touch with our support team at hallo@hinterland.camp for a cancellation.

  • How and where can I edit the cancellation conditions for my listing?

    In the edit mode of the respective listing, you will find three different cancellation models to choose from under "Details". Decide on one, don't forget to save and that's it! :)

    The following models are available:
    Flexible: Guests can cancel up to 1 day before arrival (12:00) and receive a full refund of the booking amount including hinterland service fees.
    Relaxed: Guests can cancel up to 10 days before arrival and receive a full refund of the booking amount including hinterland service fees.
    Moderate: Guests can cancel up to 30 days before arrival and receive a full refund of the booking amount including hinterland service fees.

  • How do I deal with cancellation requests after the cancellation deadline?

    Guests have the option of requesting a cancellation as a gesture of goodwill after the cancellation period defined by you has expired. Along with the request, you will receive a message from the guests explaining why they are unable to travel. On the basis of this information, you can then decide whether or not you want to approve the cancellation. If yes, you still have the choice of refunding the guests 100% or 50% of the booking price minus the hinterland service fee.


  • What do guests expect from me and my camp or cabin?

    That you provide honest information in your advertisement - otherwise not much. If guests can use the shower/WC, great - but guests with a van or motorhome are often self-sufficient anyway and outdoor professionals know how to behave in nature. Is there electricity? Great. If not, no problem. Many already have solar panels. Ultimately, you decide what you want to offer your guests to ensure they have a great time. A fire pit would of course be a dream!

  • Do I have to offer sanitary facilities?

    Everything can, nothing must! Many guests already have a toilet on board, for others - especially those traveling with a tent - a toilet would be an advantage. In your advertisement, you can specify which facilities your camp or cabin offers and guests can look for the right place. By the way: Our guests don't expect luxury - so outdoor showers, for example, are also a great thing!

  • Do I have to provide a waste disposal system?

    If you want to receive your guests for more than just one night, we would recommend accepting small amounts of garbage - but this is not a must.

  • Do I have to provide a power connection?

    Many guests have already installed a solar system and are not necessarily dependent on whether your campsite has electricity or not. Other guests are happy to have the option of using electricity. In your advertisement, you can specify what facilities your campsite offers and what additional costs may be incurred.

  • Are there signs I can use to mark the entrance to my camp or cabin?

    Yes, we regularly send out signs in the form of a small tarpaulin to our new hosts.

Arrival & Departure

  • Do I have to receive the guests personally?

    If guests are given directions directly to the spot and don't need any further instruction, you don't need to welcome them in person. But of course, guests will still be very happy if you greet them or drop by! You can discuss all the details about arrival and departure with your guests in advance via our chat or leave an automated message with all the details in the listing, which will be sent when bookings are made.

  • Do I have to set arrival and departure times?

    If you are flexible and guests can get to your camp independently, there is no need for fixed times. Otherwise, you can clarify details about the arrival time with guests in advance in our chat.

  • How do I provide the exact location of the pitch?

    If your camp or cabin is a bit remote and doesn't have an exact address, you can enter the coordinates in the address field. Alternatively, you can also set up an "auto-message" with details on how to get there, in which case your future guests will automatically receive all the important information from you via chat after the binding booking. You can find out how this works here.

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